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Ain't You Learnt Nuttin Yet??!!

     I have a very good friend named Donna.  Donna likes to "noodge" a little bit and keep me writing.  In fact, I think Donna would like to have an article or story from me everyday.  It is through her that I found the courage to put my views to Donna...  :)

      Traveling used to be how the nobility would educate their children.  Think Hamlet going off to Denmark or Surf City or wherever he went.  Learning from other cultures is a way to add class and all that stuff to your being.  So, imagine how I had to think when I was posed with the question of what have I learned so far on my journey....well......I have learned some stuff....

     1.  Paula Dean and Martha Stewart must have produced illegitimate children who opened up a string of restaurants in Missouri.  Visiting that state has added two inches to my waist as I ate while seeing every possible way to turn anything into a Halloween decoration

     2.  There are a lot of armadillos, skunks and raccoon that try to cross the freeway.

     3.  There are a lot of armadillos, skunks and raccoon that do not succeed in crossing the freeway

     4.  Having any sort of job dealing with bass boats, water tower painting or farm equipment repair can be very lucrative in some states!

     5.  Cattle farms can go on for nearly one mile along the freeway in Texas.

     6.  The smell of cattle farms along the freeway in Texas can go on for considerably more than that one mile mentioned earlier!

     7.  Some towns are so small that both names will be listed on the exit ramp.

     8.  Two town names on some exit signs can sound like names for either British authors or porn starts.  Carter Misgrove is not to far from Erik Sweetwater.

     9.  Everyone in Vega Texas will stop what they are doing and wave as you drive by, walk by or mosey by.

    10.  Most cattle in Texas are being transported in trailers that put mine to shame!

       Perhaps when Hamlet traveled he was not subjected to several miles of manure odor as I was.  And perhaps he never had to contemplate veering from his path to see the "World's Biggest Rocking Chair", but I am not sure that makes him a better man than I.  I will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous odors as I continue my trek.  And I shall sit and ponder the decision of veering from my path to see these marvels of modern technology.  My joy will come from knowing as my journey ends, I will have three dozen Davis Bakery coconut bars to share with my brethren!  I bet Hamlet never went to Davis Bakery!!

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