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All That For $4.00?

     Over the last 6 days I managed to stay at 4 different RV parks.  The difference in price was only four dollars.  All of us know the value of four dollars.  Heck, as a business owner I thought for sure I knew what four dollars was, what it could do and why it should be used a certain way.  Well, perchance I spoke of things I know not!!  What I did learn is what $4 can mean in the traveling to Nirvana I am on.

     I am starting to monitor the relationship between tattoos and overnight fees.  It seems an excess or lack of one is diametrically reflected in the other.  Really!  It seems if the desk reception person is void of ink, you better pull out the American Express as you wait to be escorted and assisted by Bob in your set up for the night.  On the other hood, if there is an armful of ink completely devoid of color with philosophies inked across the knuckles, a quick cash negotiation can work miracles.  You are then told to follow the direction that inked finger has pointed you in as Bob wont be back here to help for another 18 months to 4 years with time off for good behavior.

     I am starting to really enjoy showering.  That may sound strange to some of you but in California you can simply be surcharged, fined and made to wear a Scarlet W as a water abuser if you waste water.  So, I shower military style.  Get wet, turn off water, lather, turn on water to rinse, turn off water and then curse everyone who lives outside of California  and can shower.  Now that I am in a land that accepts this strange practice called showering, I have bought shower gloves, handmade soaps, shower clogs, loofahs,  rubber duckies and waterproof shower radio.  I am definitely into it!

     Now showers have fallen into two categories.  And it really simple to classify.  When you are done showering, you either feel you can keep your shower clogs or you can burn them.  There is also some relationship again between that receptionist and the amount of unidentifiable and probably never classified stuff breeding on the tiles.  The grout may look as though it was chosen to be that color, but in fact it grew to that wonderful hue.

     I have learned not to trust the photos advertising some of the RV parks.  While they may show their park and describe as the place stockholders stay while attending Board of Director meetings, the park may be a place where signage of don't feed the inhabitants and don't make eye contact would serve you better.  

    So, I have made my trek to Walmart and bought every pair of size 13 shower clogs they had.  I am prepared to toss these as need be.  I look forward to hearing about Board of Director meetings, maybe even parole hearings while not making eye contact.  But, I also know if anyone ever says to me, "It's only four dollars."  Boy do I have a story for them!

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