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      After way too many hours on the road last night, I finally pulled into Palm Springs ridiculously late, two AM for those of you who like details.  Not wanting to have to pay for a night in a hotel that would be kicking me out pretty soon, I opted to do what is known as "boondocking".  This is a nice fancy word for free overnight camping.  It can be done in some Wal-Mart lots, truck stops, rest areas, church lots or state owned areas.  It sounds great!  After a day of nearly single-handedly funding petro-economies  through insane fuel consumption, you get to save anywhere from 26 to 30 dollars by hiding among other big rig brethren in various concrete ghettos.  Sounds good to me!!

     Well, the cute little hippie van I have even goes one better.  Due to the small size of this gem, I can just pull into any convenient neighborhood, park it and go to sleep....Great!!  This originally led me to believe I now would have in the area of seven and a half gazillion spaces for my personal travels throughout the US and Canada.  All for free, all patiently awaiting my arrival and all needing no advance reservations or deposits.  This feature and benefit made writing the check for the van all that much easier!

      Well, last night was my first attempt.  It took more advance scouting than I originally thought and being quite unfamiliar with the area, I was sure every street I looked at that had a five year old car or older signified gang activities and/or terrorist hideouts.  Somehow I managed to bridle my fears and pulled into a nice space with tall bushes outside of an apartment complex.  I felt I found the boondocking nirvana!  And except for the periodic un-muffled motorcycle making clandestine drug runs and few late night party goers taking the time to empty what must have been an expensive liquid filling of their stomachs earlier in the evening, I enjoyed a rather thought provoking first night of boondocking   As the night went on, I patted myself on the back for the newfound wealth I made by embracing this undertaking.  Heck, that is when it struck me.....every successful Jewish man should do this.  Toss aside the fact you built a successful business...ignore you sold it for riches beyond your dream....forget your prowess and mastery of investments and real estate flipping...and certainly ignore the idea that you probably will spend more than $26 on wine to fall asleep or toilet paper just wiping yourself from the fears of every passing car, motorcycle and four wheel drive instills in you at 3 or 4 in the morning.  Suddenly I was questioning the $26.  But I think that was the wine and the 97 degree Palm Spring night heat speaking.  The next day I sat in a pool, floating on a lounger contemplating all of this.  I sipped my Palm Springs Visitors Special complete with lemon slice and an orange slice as well as a pineapple. Including tip it pretty much did in my $26 savings from the previous night.....oh to help the economy!

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