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There once was an artist named Mikey...

     First off-----THANKS FOR DROPPING IN......

      I am not sure how this all came about, but next thing I knew I was shooting for 40 days in my little motorhome.  I thought I would pack all my camera gear and try to do a "BODY" of work.  Route 66 seemed like a great idea as it would get me close to where I needed to go for a 45 year high school reunion.

     The drive was eye opening.  Great stuff to photograph, great people to meet and great education on how the interstate system really changed the complexion of the Southwest.  Some photos scream the pain of what happened to the "old" 66 businesses while others show the dreams of trying to remain viable on the road next to the interstate.

      As a photographer who mainly shoots portraiture, I have always admired those who could capture both the beauty and the beast of our lands.  I enjoyed having endless possibilities for landscape while still being to meet and photograph a few folks.  I hope you enjoy the rantings and ravings of a frustrated Hemingway as well. Please feel free to comment.  And thanks for stopping by!

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